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8 Inexpensive Stocking Fillers for Your Secret Santa

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Abrar Odoo 16/12/2018

Maybe you got a vaper in the Secret Santa at work, or your mum has recently become mad about the herb. That’s no problem, you think. Until you think again and realize you know nothing about vaping. What’s there to do? No worries, just take a look at our list of eight inexpensive stocking fillers and get through the summer with only slightly less anxiety than you had before.

Stocking Fillers Christmas

1. Arizer Extreme Q Mini Whip ($18.95)

Whips are becoming increasingly popular due to the more potent hits that you can get, and this sweet little accessory uses only the finest materials. There is a glass elbow adapter made from borosilicate glass and a food-grade vapor tube, and it’s perfectly matched for anything from the Arizer desktop vaporizer range.


2. Pax 2 & 3 Oven Lid ($21.99)

We’ve all overloaded our ovens and let’s face it, it’s not the worst thing in the world. But sometimes it’s just necessary to have that much material in your vaporizer. Made from a study plastic material it effectively acts as a replacement for the bottom lid of your dry herb chamber. It’s a small thing but extremely handy.


3. Firefly 2 Case with Zipper ($31.95)

The Firefly is a fantastic vaporizer and a truly expensive piece of pocket-sized engineering. You don’t want that getting damaged, which is why investing in a nice case could be the key to lasting longevity. Even though they’re made from durable materials, they’re not invincible. Constructed from nylon and plastic, this case will keep your Firefly 2 nice and safe from the elements.


4. The VGrinder 4-Part ($34.95)

Grinders are an essential piece of any vaper’s kit. If you’ve got a dry herb enthusiast in your life then this grinder might be just the thing to bring a smile to their face this Christmas. Made from aircraft grade aluminium this grinder is not only sleek and stylish but also really functional. The fourth section captures the kief crystals which will always give you the most powerful highs.


5. 4oz Grizzly Originals Re: Stash Herb Jar ($39.95)

Storing your herbs effectively is an overlooked yet necessary part of vaping life. These mason jars are fantastic because they’re made from environmentally friendly materials. Each jar has absolutely no plastic and is made with 30% farm waste. The benefit of one of these containers is that your dry herb will be protected from the elements including natural sunlight in a stylish case.


6. Mighty Wear and Tear Set ($44.95)

If the vaper on your Secret Santa list is a serious vaper, it’s possible they have a Mighty vaporizer. These are one of the most popular devices on the market these days, but because they’re so good they get a lot of use. A wear and tear set like this includes all the necessary replacement pieces and accessories you may need after serious use.


7. Crafty Wear and Tear Set ($44.95)

The Crafty is another top level vaporizer that it’s possible your vaper friend may have. This is another all in one set featuring all of the most easily damaged bits and pieces that are likely to need replacing. Each component is crafted by Storz & Bickel so you can be guaranteed that everything will always run smoothly.


8. NamasteVapes 14mm Whip Adapter ($54.95)

For the vaper who already has everything they could possibly need, why not get them a whip adapter? This custom made glass whip attachment fits snugly into most silicone whips that come with most high level vaporizers. Just push it in and press on any compatible 14mm compatible tool for cool and thick vapor.


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