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Are you a secret vaper? 3 discreet vaporizers for you!

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Affiliates Namaste 04/09/2018

I have secrets, you have secrets, we all have secrets. Some bigger than others. Like my secret that I never told anyone about and I will not let you know about. OKAY, I will, wow. I once accidentally stole a chocolate bar from my local corner store when I was young, and it may or may not keep me up at night. This isn’t my diary?! Anyways, enough about me! How are you? A little birdy told me you love the occasional consumption of dry herbs but you’re keeping it a secret. There may be a few reasons why you keep it a secret, some of you mates don’t approve, you use it for medical reason among many more.  
Vaporizers are great options for people who don’t want to draw attention to themselvesThey’re practically odourless and the vapor that emits from the vaporizers are (almost) inconspicuous. Another bonus, vaporizer are usually always pocket-friendly. More discreetness. Here are 3 of the best vaporizers ranked in terms of their performance and discreetness.  

Firefly 2 

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The FireFly 2 is one of the coolest vaporizers to land in Australia. The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is now slimmer and more powerful than ever. With its extended heat-up times and massive performance you can take it round your mates house for a sesh that could last all night, granted you can keep up. The Firefly 2 is iOS and Android connectable too.  

DaVinci IQ 

Davinci Iq blog image

The DaVinci IQ is so stunning, you would even think it was made from DaVinci himself. Staying true to their innovative legacy, they have yet again perfected this hand-held device. Now, this article is all about discreetness and, the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is the physical embodiment of the word discreet. Its pocket friendly, palm concealable and honestly, if you left it sitting on the bar, I bet everyone would just think it was a new smartphone.  

The Crafty 

Crafty Blog image

Third on our list, last but certainly not least is the Crafty. Now, I like to describe the Crafty Vaporizer as a mini Mighty because it’s basically a smaller unit of the Mighty. From the ingenious creators Storz & Bickel comes the Crafty. It is the first portable vaporizer from Storz & BickelWithin its compact, ergonomic design is a simple, quiet one-button operation method. Storz & Bickel are no stranger to elevating the bar when it comes to vaporizers and they certainly have here.  

I promise to not tell 

Don’t worry, mate, your secret is safe with me, as long as mine is with you! I hope this article helps you vape in secrecy.  

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