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Black Mamba - Cheap and Cheerful

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Affiliates Namaste 03/08/2018

Sometimes you just want something that covers all the baes and doesn't blow your pocket to smithereens. You want something cheap, cheerful and effective. Nearly every market has something that fits this niche, from phones to cars; there is always an affordable and efficient option.

The vape market is not different, we have the Black Mamba; an efficient, compact, and most of all affordable vaporizer.

Cheap and Cheerful

Black Mamba Vaporizer NamasteVapes Australia

The Black Mamba is a super-affordable vaporizer built to be solid and reliable. As bang for your buck goes, the Black Mamba is worth every single cent of its low price. Its chamber has a capacity of around .65 grams. This may seem to be on the light size, but it is more than enough for a solid vape session, trust us. To make sure you don’t have to wait around for your first hit, the Black Mamba has an ultra-fast heating time of only 30 seconds, so you won't have to wait long for your first hit. It has a battery life of one continuous hour of use and a rapid, two-hour charging time.

Conduction Heating

Black Mamba Heating Chamber NamasteVapes Australia

The Black Mamba uses a conduction heating element. This means that your herb is directly heated by the element, working in a similar way to a kitchen stove. This heating system has the advantage of an incredibly brief heat up time.

Glass Airpath

The Black Mamba may be a cheap vaporizer, but this doesn't mean that it built to a high quality standard. It features an all glass vapor path. Glass is a particularly good material to use in an airpath. This is because it is totally non-reactive. Occasionally, vape users complain about the fact that plastic air paths and mouth pieces having a gross plastic aftertaste. A glass path will allow you to enjoy your herb’s flavour at its best.

Easy to Use

Black Mamba Kit NamasteVapes Australia

Using the Black Mamba is incredibly easy. It has a single button control system that provides all the control you need to turn on change temperature and turn it off again. The balck mamba is a light and comfortable vape to use, fitting easily into the palm of your hand. To let you know what the status of your vape session is the Black Mamba has a display made up of has five LED lights that indicate what heat your chamber is set to, this is yet another intuitive addition to an intuitive vaporizer.

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