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Breaking down some Myths about Vaporizers

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Abrar Odoo 26/09/2018

When the light switch was first invented there were worries that they would somehow leak electricity like a badly-sealed pipe, electrocuting anyone who dared to touch it. This of course, turned out to be untrue, mainly because electricity doesn’t work like that. This is a great example of how new technology is always surrounded by bizarre rumors and myths.

Vaporizer Myths 

Vaporizers are a new technology, and the majority of people may not understand exactly how they work. This, naturally, has generated a huge amount of erroneous myths, and thanks to the internet these myths can spread faster than fleas in a creche.

These myths are often stupid and always wrong, but some are more believable than others. We picked three of the most common and credible myths to debunk, so you can enjoy your vape session with some peace of mind.

Second Hand Vapor Is Harmful

It’s easy to see how this myth came about; secondhand cigarette smoke is widely known to be harmful, and in some cases it can actually lead to life-threatening conditions. Of course, there is a difference between vapor and smoke. The heating systems of a vaporizer heat and lift the active ingredients of your herb without combustion. This means that carbon, toxins, and carcinogens locked inside the plant matter of your herb are not extracted, so the second-hand vapor is just that, water vapor. On top of this, smoke lingers in the air for a long time, while vapor dissipates a lot faster.

Vapes Waste Herb

This one is particularly wrong. Dry herb vaporizers draw out the active ingredients inside your herb efficiently. It works across the surface area of your herb, vaporizing it without destroying any of the plant matter and releasing the toxins locked within. If you vape your herb, you can be sure, that all of it will be used to its highest potential.

Vaping Is Just as Dangerous as Smoking

This one is just stupid. Smoking is dangerous because it releases carbons, tars, and other harmful chemicals with combustion which you then inhale. Vaping just releases water vapor which is far less harmful than smoking. Vapor generally has less than five percent of that of smoke, which means you can vape to your hearts content and still outlive any smoker you know. On top of this, vapor is far smother and mellow than smoke, which means that you won’t have to deal with the itchy throat that smokers frequently suffer from.

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