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Abrar Odoo 11/02/2017

Vaporizers and Coffee are the ultimate  marriage of orgasmic self indulgent bliss. These two entities  are just meant to go together, a match made in heaven! Why is this the case you may ask? For many many reasons, but one of the reasons is because studies have shown that coffee allows users of vaporizers to use less herbal, but to maintain their level of high for longer periods of time. What this results in is increased savings and more money in the wallet of herbal users, and who doesn't want their wallet stacked full of extra cash? Another reason why using the two together has become so popular is because there is nothing more enjoyable than having a hot drink flow down your throat as you enjoy your herbs. That moment when your herbs begin to hit home and then you take a sip of coffee to wash down and enhance your high truly is a moment of magic.  Its almost as if you're adding a buzz on top of a buzz- the coffee is like the cherry on top of a beautiful cake of herbal nirvana. You thought your buzz couldn't get any better? Well then wait until you add that little touch of caffeine magic.


In this era the best way to receive your herbs is via vaporizers.  What vaporizers provide is a cleaner, more nutritious, and more cost effective manner in which to receive your precious herbs.  Vapes manage to eliminate nearly all of the harmful chemical by-products commonly associated with traditional methods of herbal smoking. For example, when you roll up a joint you have to contend with inhaling vast amounts of tar and other carcinogenics, but with vaping many of these issues are avoided.  Vaping also allows you an increased level of control over what type of high you're getting. With a vaporizer you can turn the temperature control up or down and receive either a very strong hit or a more mellow buzz whatever your wish may be. Once you've found the perfect buzz  what you should do next is to get the coffee out.  The caffeine acts to mellow out the power of the herbs resulting in you feeling totally relaxed, but at the same time high in energy. Once you combine the two substances you may find yourself amazed at the range of emotions that you'll be experiencing- relaxed, creative, adventurous.



To answer this question you'll have to take into consideration where you'll intend to do your vaping. For example, if you're going to be on the move you should get yourself a good quality portable vaporizer that will allow you to vape your herbs discreetly, whether on the bus, train, or in the office. The beauty about portable vaporizers is that you can puff away with your herbal whilst everyone else will be oblivious to what you're taking.  Imagine sitting on a nice relaxing train journey puffing away on your portable vaporizer and then sipping away on some fresh steaming coffee at the same time- pure orgasmic bliss.
On the other hand if you intend to take your herbal when you're at home you should get your hands on a good quality desktop vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers allow you better overall control over your herbs, and when you're intending to vape at home there is nothing better than to kick back and enjoy the best of what herbs and caffeine can offer you. Whilst most portable vaporizers are very very good you can't beat the overall package that a desktop vaporizer will give you. A desktop will allow you complete control over your buzz right down to the last centimetre and when you combine  this control with some high grade coffee you're going to be in for some very special moments.


The future of vaporizers looks very bright with new innovations and new ideas emerging on a daily basis. What will this mean for the marriage of vapes and coffee? There has been a lot of talk going around the herbal industry that there will be more herbal products infused with caffeine and so you'll be able to vape both substances at the exact same time. And whilst this development certainly is welcome its one that I would be cautious about at first. The thing with infusing your herbal with caffeine is that  it might not be as pleasurable an experience as taking the two substances separately. Nowadays, when you take a puff from your vape you can wait a moment and then take a sip or two of your coffee, and then you can stop when you feel you've reached the maximum pleasure. You can also take more puffs from vape and less sips of your coffee, but with the herbal infused caffeine this level of control will be gone.  You'll be compelled into taking both substances at the exact same time, and for me, I feel that this will downgrade the overall experience. Its almost as if the two substances will be slopped in together without much thought. Now, I'm not saying anything here with any real certainty because at the end of the day the jury is still out and whether the caffeine infused herbal will work. But I do suspect that the experience wont be the same as taking a few draws from your vaporizers and then a few sips from a nice steaming cup of coffee. 


The combined future of vaporizers and coffee looks very bright with both entities set to dominate their respective landscapes for years to come.  Vaporizers are the must-have herbal device of the century- showing up traditional methods of combustion for what they are- old and decrepit.  Similarly, Coffee is an essential liquid to have in your possession no matter where you are, and with some high grade coffee beans flooding the market we can only expect more superb coffee to be passing between our lips.  And when you combine both coffee and vaporizers you truly have one of the most magnificent partnerships of all time.

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