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Common Reasons Why Your Best Vaporizer Isn’t Working (And How to Fix it?)

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Affiliates Namaste 05/09/2018

Problems With Your Best Vaporizer!

problems with your best vaporizer

There’s nothing worse than getting yourself all ready for a nice vaping session only to be thwarted by some unforeseen problem in your best vaporizer.

It’s an unfortunate fact that all the best vaporizers eventually have some problems. If you’re a regular vaper you can expect to have deal with one or more of these problems.

Each vaporizer has its own issues depending on whether its dry herb or for concentrates!

But what are the most common reasons your best vaporizer might not be working? Also, how you can fix your vaporizers? Well, we have answers to all your questions. Have a Look at these common reasons:

Why My Vape Won’t Turn On?

This could be the simplest to solve but there are a couple reasons why your vaporizer might not be turning on. Most vapes have a five click feature to turn them on. Make sure you press the vaporizer 5 times quickly. But don’t hit it again if it doesn’t turn on right away, just wait a couple of seconds and try again.

Another solution is to make sure that your vaporizer is actually charged. Plugging it in doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to charge. Sometimes the threading on a chamber and battery won’t match and not connect properly. It could be that you have a mismatched threading situation. When you plug it the light should switch to red (usually) and then turn green once it’s fully charged.


Why My Vaporizer has Really Thin Vapor or None at All?

This can usually be caused if you’re not getting adequate temperatures on your vape. Don’t be afraid to go to those higher temperatures until you begin getting thicker clouds. With a dry herb vape this should be easier because they have a temperature control. Another reason you might not be getting vapor is that your herbs just aren’t being ground up enough.

If your herbs are too big they can block proper air flow through the vape. Use a quality grinder to get your herb as fine as possible. It also might be that there’s not enough herb in the chamber. Pack your herb so that it’s slightly compact but don’t put too much in it.

If none of those work it’s probably got something to do with your heating element. If your vaporizer is still in warranty contact the manufacturer to get a replacement.

Is It Difficult to Get a Hit?

If you’re finding it difficult to get a hit off your vaporizer it may be because the screen is clogged with resin. If that’s the case clean the screen by using isopropyl alcohol to rub away the resin. Then rinse it off with warm water. Make sure the screen is dry once you put it back onto the vape.

Over-packing. Sometimes when it’s difficult to get a hit off your vaporizer it can be because there’s just too much material in your chamber. Use your packing tool to lightly press down the herbs into the chamber. When your screen is clean and it’s it’s difficult to get a pull the chamber is probably overpacked.

Is The Oil Vape Acting Out?

This is a common problem with oil vapes but it’s not something to worry too terribly about. There’s a few things that may be affecting your vaporizer. Firstly, it’s quite possible that your coil or atomizer isn’t working. Double check to make sure that the coil or atomizer is attached and connected firmly. Another cause might be a simple dead battery. Always make sure your battery is fully charged or try using a different battery if you have one. Or you might need to replace your atomizer. Coils and atomizers need to be replaced every now and then especially if you’re a regular vaper.

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