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DaVinci IQ Cleaning Guide - 4 Easy Steps

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ORH Admin 09/11/2018

The best way to keep a premium vaporizer functioning at top quality, is to make sure you always keep it clean and in pristine shape. You may have seen a few blog posts lately about how to clean a certain vaporizer, and you’re thinking they can all be cleaned the same. The idea is similar, but the methods are certainly different and should be closely followed for optimum results.

DaVinci IQ

STEP 1 - This premium vaporizer was designed by DaVinci with the user in mind to be as easy as possible to use, maintain and clean. Every time you empty out your oven to refill it with a new bowl, take the small chimney brush included in the IQ pack and give it a quick swirl in your oven to get rid of any debris left behind from your herbs. We also recommend for you to use the included cleaning wipes to quickly wipe off your IQ pearl. For deeper cleaning, we recommend taking a cotton bud soaked with isopropyl alcohol to your oven as well maybe once a week to keep it right. While we know you want to keep the oven looking perfect, it will stain over time and this is unavoidable.

NOTE - Hold your vaporizer upside down when dipping your alcohol soaked bud in, this is to avoid any liquid getting into the body of your vape (you don’t want this, trust us - it’s easily avoidable when done properly)

STEP 2 - Next step for deep cleaning your IQ is to focus on the flavor chamber. You can pull this out of your device by using the included metal picker. Place the curved end into the top of the flavor chamber and pop it out. You can then remove the lid using this exact same method. This gives you access to the inside, where you can again use a cotton bud soaked with isopropyl alcohol to clean out any debris that has managed to make its way inside.

STEP 3 - Below the flavour chamber, you will see a silicone gasket. Beneath this gasket is a small area where debris can eventually accumulate over time. You will want to use your chimney brush provided quite vigorously in this area as well as a cotton bud with isopropyl alcohol, otherwise the debris will build up and your vapor will start to taste poor. A premium vaporizer should always produce pure, quality vapor - and it will, when you keep it clean.

STEP 4 - Final step - make sure your mouthpiece is clean using another cleaning wipe. Also make sure all of the little holes in the device are clear, as you want to make sure that your vapor can make its way out of the oven. This includes the holes at the bottom of the oven, in the flavor chamber lid, and in your mouthpiece. To clean these holes, you use the pointed end of the metal pick. Just like that - your DaVinci IQ is good as new again.

Should you need any replacement parts, such as a new adapter, or even a new flavour chamber - We have it all here at NamasteVapes Australia.

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