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Excitement is building for the Totem Vaporizer

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Abrar Odoo 01/10/2018

The Totem vaporizer is one of the newest and greatest vapes made especially for those who like to be on the move. Whether you’re on your way to a festival or heading out for a night with friends, the Totem vaporizer is durable and will consistently deliver quality vapor time after time.

Four Individualized Heat Settings

It's the problem for most vapers out there but trying to get the optimal heat setting can often be a struggle. Fiddling around with settings, trial and error, it can be a frustrating experience. But with the Totem vaporizer those kinds of irritations are a thing of the past. The Totem has four precisely configured heat settings that each offer the user something different depending on their preferences. If you prefer thicker clouds consider one of the middle range temperatures and if you want to keep that to a minimum just change that according to your mood.

Each one of the four heat settings are colour-coded to give you the most personalized user experience ever. The four colours you can take your pick from are Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red. The Blue is the lowest at 180°C, then Purple (190°C), Orange (200°C), and appropriately the highest heat setting at 210°C is Red. Our recommendation is for the Orange setting which sits nicely in the middle range. This option gives you just the right amount of delicious vapor without looking like you’re operating a fog machine. Whichever you choose though it will always provide you with quality vapor on any setting.

Long Lasting

The Totem is built to be a long-lasting and dynamic vaporizer. Boasting a battery that can last up to one hour of continuous usage on the highest settings the Totem vaporizer is likely to exceed everyone's expectations in terms of performance! The Totem takes just a little under two hours to be fully tuned up and ready to go. And like any good vape it is water resistant and made using the highest quality materials. For veteran vapers and beginners alike, this is the vape to have.

Hybrid Heating

It is one of the most talked about issues when it comes to quality vaporizers and rightly so. Deciding whether to go convection or conduction has been the source of much debate for years. Each option has its benefits and flaws. For those who are unaware here’s a brief overview.

Conduction heating is the process of directly heating the herb inside the vaporizer, this was the method of choice for many years. The only problem was that often the whole herb wouldn’t be used and there was a danger of burning the herb completely. This is called combustion and resulted in a charred taste to the vapor.

Enter convection heating. This method involved slowly heating the chamber the herb was inside of getting a more even spread of heat across the whole herb. This successfully avoided combustion and used more of the herb. But now with the Totem vaporizer though you can merge both these worlds together. The chamber heats up the herb in a conduction manner but by a process of heating throughout the entire piece you can get the convection method. Perfect! Plus, the flavours are off the reservation.

A Communal Experience

The Totem vaporizer has one final feature that truly sets it apart. The good folk over at Totem wanted to bring people who loved vapes truly together and they found a novel way of doing that. Originally totems were a symbol of shared values and customs which is why it was chosen as the name. By utilizing a hybrid heating system it’s possible to synchronize the heating system of two vaporizers for an even more delicious vapor. So, when two Totems are connected you double the fun and increase community. Try a Totem vape and become a part of the experience.

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