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Top 5 Halloween Costumes (Plus Vapes to go with them!)

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NamasteVapes Australia 11/10/2018

You’re probably here because you’re into vaporizers, you might be interested in them, you might have a few of your own, you might merely be browsing. Of course, if you’re anything like us here, you have a singular focus when it comes to your interests, they invade every other aspect of your life in a way that other people may find distressing. With this in mind we have put together this list of costumes that are tailor made for you; you can put together a costume that will skillfully integrate your vape, allowing you to enjoy a great vape experience without the risk of breaking character!

Winston Churchill 3000

Everyone loves Churchill! But ever since they made that film about how great he is he has reentered the modern mind as a great guy. He was known for a lot of things: Leading England during WW2, froth-at-the-mouth jingoism, and constantly chomping on a cigar. ‘A cigar isn’t a vape!’ I hear you say, and you’re right, a vape is far too futuristic for old Churchill.

However, what if Churchill was from THE FUTURE? You can put together a costume of Churchill from the year 3000, leading Moon England in a space war against the Moon Reich, all the while taking hits from his futuristic dry herb vape. To make this costume all you really need is a black suit, a pillow up your shirt, a bald cap, and a whole bunch of tinfoil (everything will be chrome in the future). To finish off this fantastic costume you’ll need a futuristic vaporizer like the DaVinci IQ. The IQ’s sleek and cutting-edge design is perfect to finish off this non-sensical costume you’ll have to explain over-and over again!

Venom Snake

Metal Gear Solid V was the final chapter of the critically acclaimed Metal Gear series of video games. Though it is set in the 80’s, the game features a gigantic array of sci-fi gadgets. One of these is particularly fitting for any vape fan: The phantom cigar, a cigar shaped vaporizer packed with special herbs. That surly rings a bell.

The phantom cigar serves an important function in the game; it allows Snake to speed up time from his own perspective. This means that he can fast forward through the day to complete his mission under the cover of night!

To make this costume all you need is some army fatigues, an eyepatch, a red glove to act as a prosthetic hand, and about 3 – 4 days of beard stubble (bonus points if you grow it yourself). If you want to bring your costume up to the next level, whenever you take a hit from your vape stand perfectly still and impassively wait for dawn, ignoring everyone around you. Just like in the game! Any vape pen will work for this costume, the Lynx Hypnos is particularly good, thanks to its understated design.

A Volcano

What constantly spews out clouds of vapor? Volcanos, of course! If you’re dressed as a volcano, no one will question the fact that you’re vaping indoors if it’s part of your costume! To make this costume, get a whole load of cardboard, paint it an earthy brown, fold it into a comb, and then get in!

While you’re in there, rip fat clouds from your vape and blow it out the crater! The best vape to go with this costume is, naturally, the Volcano from Storz & Bickel! This powerful vape will allow you to spew terrifyingly big clouds out of your costume!

Cruella De Vil

This one is for the females (or males, we don't judge!) It's no secret that she is one of the most well-known Halloween costume characters out there, and you won't be answering the questions of 'Who are you meant to be?!' all night. Grab yourself a wig and pair it with a monochrome ensemble and you'll be good to go! But wait - doesn't she smoke? Yes indeed she does. Let's modernize this shall we? Picture this - a modern day Cruella De Vil that vapes! We suggest a sleek vaporizer, such as the Cloud Diamond to get the full effect.

Rick (from Rick and Morty)

If you're not familiar with this particular character, then where the heck have you been? Rick is a co-eponymous main character in the animated show Rick and Morty. He is a genius scientist with the ability to time travel and is reckless and nihilistic, to say the least. Rick costumes are readily available online, but a simple lab coat and make-shift blue wig would do the trick! We thought it would be nice to try get Rick off those darn cigarettes and replace that element of the costume with one of our portable vaporizers. We reckon a black mamba would fit the bill.

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