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Here’s What People are Saying About the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

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Abrar Odoo 03/10/2018

World Leaders in Innovation

Since their first release DaVinci established themselves as well-known leaders and influencers within the vaping industry. The popular manufacturers produce high quality vaporizers outdoing themselves from each product previous. The IQ is a perfect example of this, featuring a zirconia mouthpiece, ceramic bowl and, something that has never been done before, a zirconia flavor chamber. So, as we near the latter end of 2018 what are people saying about the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer? Is it still one of the most popular vapes around?

DaVinci IQ

User Reviews of the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer 

The IQ is a good choice for those who desire pure and clean vapor. Boasting to be one of the purest vaping experiences of all time. This device is easy enough for beginners and can still satisfy the experts. The best reported feature of the IQ seems to be its flavor although most users provide a satisfied all-round review.

The DaVinci will set you back $274.99, however it does come with a range of accessories to sweeten the deal. It also comes with a ten-year warranty, so you can look at this vaporizer as a long-term investment.

Is it worth the Price?

A lot of online reviews seem to think that the DaVinci is well worth its high selling point. Most reviews come from experienced vape enthusiasts who although know a good vape when they see one, usually won’t settle for anything less. Users who have stated the IQ is worth the pay-out put this down to its durable build, incredible performance, app integration, and the ceramic zirconia make. In comparison to DaVinci’s previous ventures which include the Ascent and Classic the IQ has come on leaps and bounds, with any shortcomings noted and rectified.

Design and Features of the IQ Vape

Featuring a 360-conduction heating system this DaVinci IQ vape can allow your materials to cook more evenly adding to an overall smoother finish. It’s LED display has been praised as one of its best features, allowing you to see the status of your vaporizer with ease and convenience. Additionally, smart path has been named “the best possible thing to come out of a vaporizer app”. Smart path allows users to customize their vaping experience starting at any desired temperature and gradually increasing this, hands free over ten minutes.

Pros and Cons to the DaVinci IQ

Two words, use time. The DaVinci IQ allows for over an hour of use in just one session and smart paths can reportedly make this feel like a lot longer. The Haptic feedback on this vape has also been praised, buzzing to let users know when it needs charged as well as when it is fully charged. The vaporizer’s high crack resistance is genuine and with the Ceramic Zirconia you will be able to get many months use out of just one pipe. Lastly, (on a positives front) the IQ has great versatility. It features a boost mode allowing for a quick temperature change, you can easily alternate from herb to wax, and the removable battery makes it perfect for long trips.

Whilst the IQ does have a longer battery usage time it also takes quite some time to charge, approximately three hours, - to go for 0 to 100 percent- to be exact. 

Should you buy the DaVinci IQ?

Like most products the DaVinci IQ has both advantages and disadvantages, however, a large majority of reviews report that the good outweighs the bad and that the product quality justifies the price tag. If its a clean, pure and highly customizable vaping experience with intense flavor you're seeking then the IQ is perfect for you!

So in short, Yes, You should absolutely buy the DaVinci IQ!

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