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How To Get Over The Fact You Lost Your Vape at a Festival ?

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NamasteVapes Australia 12/09/2018

Festivals are fun, and it is already a festive season for Australia! September is going to be the host for several festivals like The Brisbane Festival, Alice Desert Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival and Mildura Country Music Festival to name a few. 
You go into a field and drink until you cry! That’s awesome! There’s also some bands and stuff too, but that’s secondary to everything. Of course, when you’re in the field you may want to enjoy a high-quality aromatherapy experience. The best way to do this is with a portable vape, which is perfect for quick hits as you shamble from act to act. Unfortunately, with all the drinking and shambling, you may accidentally misplace your vaporizer. 

Festive season Australia

This can be an utter disaster. Quality vapes like a Pax 3 or DaVinci IQ can be incredibly expensive. Losing something this pricey can be devastating, especially if you’re drunk in a field and must sleep in a tent like medieval serf. 
How can you get over something like this? How can you cope? Well, let's have a look. 

Stop Drinking in Fields Forever?

One way to make sure that your vape is never lost while drinking in a field again is to stop drinking in fields. If you really break this down, it isn’t too much of a sacrifice; how much fun could you really be having drinking in a field? A lot? Oh. 

Well, of course, you don’t want to give up on festivals simply because of a single lost vape, people lose their dignity at festivals, and they still want to go, so maybe this isn’t the solution. 

Buy A Cheap and Nasty Vape You Don’t Mind Losing?

Get onto Ebay and see if you can find a super cheap no-name vaporizer. Why? Because you won’t feel bad if you lose it! Sure, it might burn your herb, ruin the flavour of your hits, and occasionally electrocute you. But if you drop and lose your trashy vaporizer you won’t be sad, hell, you might even be relieved. 

Of course, this solution hinges on the fact that you’re ok with doing something that makes you unhappy to avoid something that makes you unhappy. 

Buy A "Cheap and Classy Vape" You Don’t Mind Losing !!

What if I told you that you can get an affordable vape that will allow you to enjoy tasty, and potent vape hits and won't burn your herb? Well, then I’d be telling you about the vape I wrote this piece to market to you! 


Black Mamba Vaporizer Australia

The Black Mamba is a compact, sleek, simple, and efficient conduction vaporizer that is incredibly affordable. This vape will give you all the flavour and potency you would expect from a high-quality vaporizer, but you won’t be out a couple of hundred bucks if you misplace it. If you expect a wild one at the next festival you go to, make sure that you grab a Black Mamba vaporizer! 


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