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Is the Mighty the Mightiest of the lot?

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Abrar Odoo 01/12/2016

Mighty Vaporizer NamasteVapes Australia

After drawing the last drop of smoke out of the Mighty Vaporizer I carefully placed the vape on the table and as I did this I was suddenly hit with an insatiable ravenous urge to eat anything within close proximity. It was obvious that I had a real bad case of the munchies when my stomach began growling and screaming commanding me to put something inside of it.

 So I opened the fridge door and to my eternal horror there was no food in the fridge-it was empty and barren like a desert of nothingness.  Even though I was shocked, I shouldn't have been, as I was well aware that I had spent my last $50 on a bag of grass  that was meant to buy me the essentials for the next week. But sure wasn't keeping the Mighty Vaporizer well stocked and supplied with Mary Jane one of the essentials?  I briefly thought about pawning the family  TV, but decided against this in case my parents took issue with the idea after they came back from holidays.


But then a brainwave struck me when I realised  I could use my dads  legally held shotgun to shoot some birds of prey.  Sure I'll take the gun out and I'll shoot something to eat. I loaded the shotgun up with some cartridges and more importantly I loaded the Mighty full to the brim just in case I needed an emergency hit.  And so with my pockets stuffed full of Grass, a Mighty Vaporizer, and Shotgun Cartridges off I went to get  some lunch.

I didn't have far to travel for a hunting ground because right next door to me there was  patch of grass and some trees that in my stoned state I suspected would be a metropolis for birds and animals.  I sat down on  a seat that was very kindly provided for me and I peered up at the sky and began searching for lunch. I quickly began dreaming of shooting a Chicken or a Turkey and having a big Dinner with crackers, wine,  gravy, stuffing, and all sorts of other delicious treats. It would only be me and the Mighty attending, but sure that was all the company a man needed.

The Turkey NamasteVapes Australia


But what's the chances of coming across a Chicken or a Turkey flying in the middle of my next door neighbours lawn? Like its not exactly a farmyard or a game hunting area, but unfortunately for me in my stoned state this thought never even crossed my mind.  All I could think of was trees, lawn, water = this place must be like the Serengeti  out in Africa. That if my luck was in that I might even slay myself a Buffalo or some other large game.  

And all of this obscene thinking was illustrative of how powerful the Mighty Vaporizer really is. When the Mighty hits home, it hits home with a forceful impactful hit .  This vaporizer has the power to take you to places where no man has stepped before. You'll be left wondering what just happened. It will be a true rollercoaster ride. Because who could have told me at the start of the week that I would end up sitting on my neighbours lawn holding a shotgun whilst I peered up at the sky searching for dinner?

 And as I sat there waiting for some birds of prey I took the Mighty Vaporizer out and began to admire its craftsmanship. The temperature flexibility, the 2 recharable lithium ion battery's, the convection vaporizer that heats your herbs up to an outstanding vapour quality, and the beautiful mouthpiece that delivers your flavoured vapours direct into your lungs. The Mighty Vaporizer truly was the work and creation of an artisan, someone who appreciated the finer things in life. 


But the problem at time was that I was just too damned lazy to pull the trigger in time to shoot any birds. Because each time a bird would fly past I was that stoned that by the time I'd lift the shotgun up and pulled the trigger the bird was flying in another continent. I kept shooting thin air time and time again.  The reality was I just couldn't hit a barn door.


So I decided to close my eyes for a few moments and  the next thing I remembered was that I had fallen asleep and that  someone was talking to me saying "Don't do it, don't do it."

And my first thought upon hearing this was "How dare you tell me not to take a pull from The Mighty, how dare you!!" But as my eyes began to awaken and adjust to the light I realised that there was a Policeman standing about four foot away from me.

At this stage I was still half stoned and half asleep, and so, at the time I remembered thinking. "Don't do what? This cop wants the last draw from my Mighty, well I can tell you one thing he's damn well not going to be getting it!."


But as the seconds passed I began to become more cognizant of my surroundings.The blue flashing lights of a police siren seemed to knock me into my senses. Suddenly the gravity of the situation I was in began to dawn upon me. Here I was lying in the middle of my neighbours garden, with a loaded shotgun, a Mighty Vaporizer, and 50$ worth of grass in my pocket. I realised that the Policeman must have been thinking that I was about to partake in some atrocity.

I had to get my act together quick, so I arose from my slumber, looked at the officer, smiled, and tried to reassure  him that everything was perfectly normal. That there was nothing to see here, nothing at all. So I explained that I had just decided to partake in a spot of impromptu  shooting in my next door neighbours garden and that I had merely gotten tired and fallen asleep. The Policeman didn't look too convinced by my explanations. Fortunately I had my fathers  gun license in my jacket, and when I handed it to him, this seemed to reassure him that I wasn't some lunatic about to go on a shooting spree.

And  so, after some suspicious looks he seemed  suitably reassured and he let me go on my merry way.  As soon as he had driven off a wave of relief shot over me.  My biggest fear was that he'd confiscate the Mighty and have it all to himself, and maybe even pass the it  round the station with his fellow officers.


After my ordeal with the Police Officer, I went home, loaded the Mighty up to the brim, and began inhaling the vaporizer into my lungs like a man who had just spent five minutes underwater.Never was a hit more needed in all my life. And thankfully my appetite was also gone. Now in the cold light of day I actually  think what my belly was originally rumbling for was another shot from the Storz and Bickel Mighty. The truth is if you look after your Mighty the Mighty will look after you. And at the end of the day,In my moment of need,  the Mighty was there for me.

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