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Mother’s Day Offers

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Affiliates Namaste 11/05/2019

What to give your Mum this Mother's Day

What is Mother’s Day really? Well, it’s a day for celebrating the powerful females that have helped shape you into the human being that you are today. Not just the mums of the world (but them, too, obviously!) it’s just a day to do something nice and say thanks.

Mother's Day

Whether it’s your biological Mum or the lady next door who put some manners on you, it’s about time you showed your appreciation and got them something thoughtful. It’d also be brilliant if they were into vapes because we have some great selections for you this weekend  

At Namaste Vapes Australia, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make the best vaporizers available for this Mother’s Day. Have a look below at our list, ranging from the humble but potent Black Mamba to the heavy-duty Rosinbomb Rocket. There’s something for everyone in all price ranges.

Mighty ($30 discount)

Mighty in name, mighty in nature, this is, in fact, one of the most advanced vapes on the planet. Released by Storz & Bickel, best known for the Volcano desktop unit, the Mighty has earned its place at the top of the pile as one of the best portable vaporizers in the world. Mostly because it takes all the lessons from the Volcano and puts it into a convenient handheld device. No mean feat. And yet, they’ve done it. With pure, dense vapor, this is the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.  

Black Mamba ($10 discount)

Let’s start with something small and yet powerful, the Black Mamba. Already at a great, affordable price, the discount in our opinion tips it into the realm of why-the-hell-not? A dry herb vaporizer with a conduction style heating, this is a no-frills vaporizer that still packs a premium punch because of its glass vapor path and sleek design. Plus its ceramic chamber holds 0.65 grams, which is more than enough for vaping on the go.  

Totem ($10 discount)

A very new addition to the market the Totem uses both conduction and convection heating, a great little vaporizer. It’s water-resistant, and the very first vaporizer ever to be ‘stackable’. When you conjoin two Totems together it changes to a hybrid vaporizer and gives flavourful hits. If you feel like really splashing out why not get two and avail of twice the discount.

Crafty ($30 discount)

With a warm-up time of around 2 minutes and a hybrid heating set-up the Crafty uses the finest materials to give the best vaping experience possible. The heating chamber is made from stainless steel and ceramic and the external body is also stainless steel, so needless to say it’s a pretty sturdy unity.  

Volcano Digital and Classic ($30 discount)

If you’re really looking to splash out on a top quality desktop unit then you could do a lot worse than either the Volcano Digital or the Volcano Classic. Both of them boast a healthy price tag, and each of them is made from the finest materials. Each of them have a stainless steel finish, heat up in three minutes, are suitable for both dry herbs and concentrates, and have chambers that can hold 0.75 grams. The Digital has a slight edge in usability because of its LED display but Classic loses nothing major. Both offer quality vapor and can be counted on for years to come.  

Plenty ($30 discount)

The Plenty is the desktop vaporizer that’s also a handheld vaporizer. It offers all the power of the desktop unit with the ease and, obviously, portability of a handheld vaporizer. Its unique design is a real showstopper we think and that’s why it has proved so popular with customers. There are lots of neat little touches on the Plenty but the cooling coil on the top of the unit is particularly eye-catching and cool. It’s also very functional as it cools down the vapor efficiently before it reaches your lungs.

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