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New From Kannastor - The GR8TR V2 Grinder

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Affiliates Namaste 21/08/2018

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder- The World's Most Advance Grinder

New From Kannastor  - The GR8TR V2 Grinder

Kannastor’s new GR8TR V2 solid body herbal grinder is an updated version of their widely popular GR8TR model. The breakthrough modular design and technology of the V2 GR8TR has everything you have ever dreamed of for mastering your grind. Described as one of the world’s most advanced grinders for good reason, it will not only take your herb grinding to a new level but become your grinding partner for life.

With all the modularity that you can ever hope for, this device is so much more than your run-of-the-mill grinder.  With both standard and vape easy-change grinder plates, mesh stainless steel easy change screen, and bonus storage, this device is second to none. 

When Kannastor designed the V2 GR8TR they were not only interested in helping to create the right size but also looked at how to maximize the consistency and quality of the grind. Made of anodized food-grade aluminum with 8 distinct pieces and a contoured, smooth-surface, bottom lid storage chamber to store your herb, and a plastic tool for scraping and easy collection, the attention to detail is truly amazing. The device measures 3.5 inches in height by 2.2 inches in diameter. 

Build it Your Way 

The modular design of the body can be configured and assembled in multiple ways including interchangeable mesh steel screens and plates to tailor the consistency of the grind to your personal preference. For the ultimate in storage efficiency, you can store one of the plates in the lid of the grinder or convert it into a more compact three-piece device by removing the sifting chamber. For a grind and go experience, the top and bottom sections can be removed to turn it into a small storage puck. The pollen clear chamber can also be removed altogether to make the device more compact and portable. Guaranteed there is no other grinder on the market that will give you this amount of versatile configurations in one device. 


The V2 Solid Body GR8TR comes with fine and medium size grater plates for a customized grind every time. The hefty size of the grinder contains a much deeper chamber and uses less force to grind the dry herb into a light milled consistency with small particles. The larger sized storage compartments can hold more herb and larger buds.  


All of this excellence comes at a heftier price than other grinders at around $100.00, but the GR8TR V2 Solid Body is an investment piece that may not suit everyone’s pocket. But if you would like to bump up the quality of your herb grinding to a new level, then investing in this high-quality device with superb craftsmanship and durability is an excellent choice. 


Engineered for a perfect grind with multiple mesh screens and grinding plates, convenient storage compartments, deep dish grinding chamber all customizable to your individual preferences, this innovative grinder from Kannastor with a limited lifetime warranty will become your friend for life. Safe to say, this carries a lot of weight if you are a regular smoker that enjoys using a quality grinder to give you the exact type of grind you desire. 

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