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The Evolution of Herb Grinders

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Abrar Odoo 05/12/2018

Grinders are quintessential to dry herb culture. If you haven’t a grinder on you mate, well, the session is cancelled. Herb grinders are seamless, practical and ingenious tools used to grind up herbs. People began using grinders to shred herbs and spices ever since antiquity.



Even shredding dry herbs with a grinder for an easier use of consumption has a long history.

Before grinders became a thing and grew in popularity, people found ways to crush herbs. They used similar tools like mortars and pestles, nowadays used to make pestos and similar sauces. These methods were harder to control and the mess was harder to contain. Thus, making demand for a better and stronger solution.

The concept of a grinder, as we know it came about sometime in the early 20th century. This was a particularly pivotal time for the evolution of our society as it was at the height of industrial age. Companies began exploring mass-production and therefore needed adequate and effective technologies to process materials quickly. The ancestor of the grinder was an industrial tool that processed plant matter and cellulose. The design was soon translated from its initial mass production use to single scenario use.

Chemists and pharmacies later adopted the same idea but made it smaller in order to be used to process herbs and materials for patients - grinding as much as needed for a person's prescription.

You average grinder a tool you use to chop and churn your herbs with. The grinder has small, sharp pegs that are aligned in such way that when both sides are turned, the material inside is shredded. They’re typically made of plastic or metal. They employ a top and bottom. The best grinders were traditionally made with stainless steel, which is considered dependable and very easy to clean. However, it is currently possible to find more affordable grinders made with materials such as plastic.

Herb grinders were most commonly found in kitchens, but eventually made their way to the the herb world where they have found commonplace. In other words, you are a lot less likely to see an old granny using a grinder to pulverize some nutmeg, than your buddy trying to roll up the perfect joint!

Not having a grinder is like eating peanut butter without jam, it just makes no sense. To explore our range of grinders, click here.

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