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The Fury 2 - Sleek, Hybrid and Furious Vaporizer

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NamasteVapes Australia 17/09/2018

The Fury 2 is one the most compact vaporizer to emerge onto the market. The Fury 2 coming from Healthy Rips is the smallest vaporizer in existence at palm concealable. This vaporizer is a lightweight; weighing in at less than 5 ounces. That’s right, you read it 5 ounces! The Fury is a robust, pocket-friendly vaporizer made from a durable plastic. This is a dual vaporizer that uses convection and conduction heating. Convection heating is a method of vaporizing your dry herbs. It passes hot air through the chamber to vaporizer the materials without combustion occurring. An amazing heating method to get the best from your dry herbs and concentrates. 


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Size and portability 

The size of the Fury 2 is something that will blow you away. The Fury 2 vaporizer weighs roughly 135 grams and stands at 3”. The Fury 2 vaporizer is the physical embodiment of the word ‘portable’. This vaporizer is pocket-friendly, can be stored securely in a bag and even concealed in the palm of your hand! The Fury 2 vaporizer probably weighs less than your keys! This vaporizer has a strong, durable outer body with a rubberized finish for better grip control. The on-vape display is clear but dim – it tells you the battery life, heat-up time and temperatures. The buttons located on the side of the Fury 2 are also super responsive. The Fury 2 has an almost indestructible yet lightweight Kirksite alloy.  

Heating systems 

This dual vaporizer is an efficient mix of convection and conduction which heats your materials and gives you really thick clouds because of the conduction heating especially at higher temps. If you’re not looking for thick, dense clouds than I suggest vaping your materials at a lower temp for some flavorful and smooth vapor. The Fury heats up in around 25 seconds! The temps range from 320F-430F. The higher temps are slightly harsh because of the small heating passage but the Fury 2 is a great attachment for the bubbler. At lower temps, you get some pretty decent flavor and vapor from such small vaporizer.  


The Fury 2 uses an internal 1600mah LiPo battery. To reach a full charge, allow 90 minutes for a full charge. This vaporizers gives about 45 minuets of battery power after a single charge which is excellent for a vaporizer at this size.  


Overall, the Fury 2 is a small vaporizer but provides a mighty performance. For its size, it packs quite a punch. The Fury 2 vaporizer is practical and functional! With speedy heat up times, ultimate discretion at palm concealable(!!) I recommend the Fury 2 for any beginner or vape veteran who is looking for a piece of new equipment to add to the collection! A small dry herb and concentrate vaporizer that will get the job done at a competitive price point! 

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