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The Mighty Vaporizer Review

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Affiliates Namaste 31/07/2018

All you need to know about Mighty

Portable Vaporizer Mighty NamasteVapes Australia

Made by Storz & Bickel, The Mighty vaporizer is not too dissimilar to its little brother The Crafty. This is a powerful vape with all the benefits of a digital temperature control system that can vape both dried herb blends and liquids, as we explore in this Mighty Vaporizer review.

Slightly bigger than its little brother The Mighty’s size not only increases its battery life but also helps to create a vaping experience that is altogether better. Whilst its size means it isn’t the smallest handheld vaporizer on the market, its plus points certainly add up.


Size and Design

Mighty Mouthpiece NamasteVapes Australia

If style is an important quality for you when looking for a vaporizer The Mighty Vape probably isn’t for you. If the truth be told it won’t be winning any awards for looking pretty. However, if you are looking for quality over substance then read on. Storz and Bickel have invested their time and money where it really matters and that is the design of The Mighty’s vape system itself. What it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in giving you a good quality vape.

Measuring in at around 14cm x 11cm x 3cm, however, means it is still small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. The size is very much down to the fact that the unit contains a rather hefty heating element. As for the weight, it is certainly on the heavy side with a weight of approximately 226 grams, so if you are used to carrying your vaporizer in your pants pocket then it will certainly weigh you down a little more than other models.

Storz and Bickel have chosen to use plastic for the mouthpiece and there does not seem to be any issue with the flavour of plastic transferring during vaping. The unit also has a plastic cage, designed to keep your hands cool whilst that larger heating element does its job - and it works well.


Heating System & Battery

The Mighty accommodates a good-sized hybrid heating element (convention and convection) and the initial heating time of around 60 seconds isn’t too shabby at all. It has a temperature level of 104° F - 410° F.

It has also has a rather handy little feature in the form of an auto shut off which kicks in after two minutes. Whilst this might seem annoying, it is great for helping to conserve battery life. The battery itself takes around 2 hours to charge and has a capacity of approximately 90 minutes.


Mighty Kit NamasteVapes Australia


The Mighty is well designed, well thought out and above all well-built. It has been designed with the goal of delivering a great vaping experience and on that score, it ticks all the boxes. It is highly portable, and whilst less discrete in the hand thanks to its slightly larger size it still offers moderate discretion. If you are looking for a pretty vape then feel free to browse a different model but if you can look past the exterior and see the potential the Mighty Vape is a worthy contender for any serious vaper’s short list.

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