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Top 5 Vaporizer Party Tricks

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Abrar Odoo 12/11/2018

It is officially party season and gatherings sometimes be awkward. Party tricks are one of the best ways to diffuse tension and you can guarantee everyone will be left entertained and happy.

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Party Season

Okay, so it is officially party season (too early to talk about Christmas?) Halloween is over, and November is here. Bin your pumpkins, start your shopping and stick on Fairy-tale of New York whilst you’re at it. Holiday parties can be a lot of fun, but we have all been present for the somewhat awkward stage. You know, before the alcohol kicks in and you’re sometimes wondering what to do with yourself. Party tricks are one of the best ways to diffuse awkward tension and even if the tricks aren’t great, or there are a few fails, you can guarantee everyone will still be left laughing and most importantly having a good time.

If you have realized at this stage that you don’t actually have any party tricks, but you do own a vaporizer, well you’re half way there. I mean you bring your vaporizer most places anyway so why not learn a few cool tricks and impress your friends and work colleagues at the next social gathering.

Top Tricks

Be warned, correctly executed, these tricks will make you dangerously popular.

1. Vapor Bubble

This one is relatively simple, but we recommend a few practice runs in the comfort of your own home. Just so that you look like a pro when it comes to the real execution. You will need some supplies for this trick and for this reason it’s best to leave it for a house party or after hours. You’ll need some soapy water, a trusty vape, and a toilet paper roll. Dip one end into soapy water and hold it ready (like a bubble wand). Take a long pull from your vaporizer and slowly exhale into the roll. When the bubble is at the desired size, poke it to release the vapor. Voila!

2. Vapor Shots

Not your average party trick, this one includes a little bit of preparation however, the reveal will really pay off. There are more in-depth instructions online if needed but the basic idea for your vapor shots is to use a whip attachment to push vapor through your alcohol of choice, infusing it with the properties of your botanicals. Simply chill your concoction before pouring into some shot glasses and enjoying!

3. The Dragon

Simple yet effective the dragon is a classic that just never gets old. To achieve dragon level, you will need to take a long pull from your vaporizer, making sure not to inhale. When you have a mouth full of delicious vapor, exhale through your nose with force while simultaneously exhaling a little bit of vapor through the corners of your mouth. Next step: Relax in the awe of your own coolness.

4. Vape Rings

Although this trick is quite common, it takes a bit of skill to carry out and although many try, only a few can conquer (so get practicing). Start by taking a long drag and inhaling the vapor into your throat. It is important to keep your tongue flat and towards the back of your throat. Purse your lips into the shape of an ‘O’ and push a small amount of vapor out of your mouth using your throat. It might feel similar to a short sigh or a mini cough.

5. The Tornado

Similar to vapor rings the tornado is for the skilled vape connoisseur and will take a bit of practice. Just like the vape bubble you will need a toilet paper roll. Who knew these babies could be so useful? Take and inhale a long pull before exhaling through the toilet roll onto the’ tornado surface’. Use your hand to chop lightly downward towards the surface and as it touches, flick your wrist up and lift your arm all in the one motion. Stand back and watch your masterpiece.

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