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Vape Review: PAX by Ploom – The Gold Standard Pocket Vaporizer

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NamasteVapes Australia 19/09/2014

Compare any two portable vaporizers and you’ll find a lot of similar features, even in the most differently designed units. Every manufacturer has their own theory on how best to serve their customers vaping needs – meaning with so many portables on the market, there’s something for everyone.

However, when we look at our customer feedback, sales, and responses from other sources, one unit really stands out, time and time again, as the most well received, exceptional portable vape on the market today: The PAX by Ploom.

No matter your standards or style, the PAX is a cut above the rest.

It’s a reliable, extremely compact portable vape with easy-to-use controls, high vapor quality, and decent battery life. The unit itself also comes in a range of colors – black, blue, green, and purple – meaning it easily coordinates with any other accessories you may have. Like most of our major brands, the PAX is also supported by a range of accessories, to help you get the most out of your vape for as long as you own it.

Need to see a little more?

We’ve got our very own Namaste Nick in a video below, demonstrating the PAX. This video should give you a good sense of the unit’s size, what it comes with, and how it works.

Namaste nick here and thank you for tuning in today, the PAX by Ploom yes my latest favorite outstanding very stealthy, clean design, yes, light, feels solid, feels graphic-y, and feels like of metallic which I like.

A beautiful, perfectly sized blend chamber at the bottom of the unit with a magnetic little door which snaps in. Turn it on, just a push of the mouthpiece – it’s a plastic mouthpiece, hopefully, we’ll get away from that soon but for now, it would do. You know, a nice sized mouthpiece yes, easily fit.

Takes about 50 seconds to heat up the unit, I would vote for an extra 10 seconds also just to let the chamber have a nice even heat to it. When the light here turns green, the unit is ready. And just with a [gentle inhale], you get a very nice evenly flavored vapor.

The PAX by ploom, four colours, at NamasteVapes.

Thank you for tuning in, peace and blessings, Namaste.

All this good - do we have any concerns?

A couple, but they’re small. In the video, you’ll see just how thin the heating chamber’s lid is – because of this, the bottom of the unit gets fairly warm and can be uncomfortable to hold at higher temperature settings.

And there is, of course, the price. The PAX is at the top end of the price range, which means it isn’t going to be in everyone’s budget.

Unless you’re looking for something really specific, the PAX is probably a great portable vape for you.

For those interested in water tool attachments, there’s our Da Vinci Ascent bundle. Looking for something more straight-forward? The LaunchBox by MagicFlight might be for you.

However, if you’re aiming for a solid, reliable, extremely portable vape, order your PAX by Ploom today!

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