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Butane Vaporizers Australia

Butane Vaporizers Australia

A Butane vaporizer is rarely talked about but it is a special kind of beast. Heated through a similar principle to conduction but instead of electricity to rapidly heat some kind of coil or atomizer, a small amount of butane ignites a fire under the chamber which’ll then start to vaporize the herbs.

The market is flooded with the electrical models, and they are good, but we wanted to give a bit of love to Butane since it’s such a unique system. At Namaste Vaporizers Australia, we’ve taken a liking to Butane Vapes and we want to share these different kinds of vapes with you. We have them at very competitive prices so you can enjoy the quick, tasty hits of a vape free from electricity whenever you want.

These Butane Dry Herb Vapes are on sale right now in our collection so check them out today. We can’t even be sure of how many of these butane beauties have made it into Australia, but however many there are, it’s not enough because these beauties really work a treat. 

Butane Vaporizer Unique Benefits

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, why would I use a flame to vaporize my herbs when electrical systems are simpler to understand? What you might not realize is that a good butane vaporizer fulfills a serious need. Most electrical models can only run for a handful of hours straight before the battery on them dies. If you’re camping or are at one of the british music festivals this year, it might last you most of the first day, but then what? See, a butane vaporizer will never run out as long as you can keep supplying it with butane refill and trust me, when you’re just chilling out in the middle of a field or the woods, it makes more sense to bring butane then a charger you can’t use. Butane vaporizers can work anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about charge cables anymore.

Butane Dry Herb Vaporizers tend to be very compact, lightweight, and with a very fast heat up time since it works with raw fire. Since it works off of fire, some of the systems tend to have pre-calibrated heat temperatures, but there are other models that let you manually control the flame, giving you control of how much heat is applied in how long a duration. What’s more, the butane it runs off of can be easily bought from any hardware or tobacco shop so it’s not too difficult to keep your supply up and from there it’s just easy smoking. It’s probably crossed your mind that maybe powering a vaporizer with a noxious gas might taint the vapor you’re inhaling but you don’t have to worry because most butane models on the market have gone out of their way to make sure the butane chamber doesn’t effect the vaping chamber. In fact, some people find some of the butane vaporizers a lot easier to clean and maintain than some electrical vaporizers since there’s no coil or atomizer to work around when you’re picking away at the residue. It’s just a rounded bowl since that’s all you need.

Butane Vaporizer Flavour

The flavour on one of these vapes is actually very interesting and any serious vaper should try it at least once. They best way to describe it is, if convection vaporizers use the air to sort of bake the herbs like an over, giving them a toastiness, a butane vaporizer gives them more of a pan-grilled taste. Some users are actually massive fans of this taste and we can see why. With a butane system, what you’re also getting is a source of quick, on demand hits because of that flame created heat up speed and an efficiency with your herbs that gives you more for your money since all of the herbs will get vaporizer while most of the vaping systems out there will prevent smoke bleed, meaning you’ll get all of that vapor.

So flavorful, hard-hitting and smooth, the second you try one of these vapes you’ll probably run out to grab all of the Butane you can. They work just fine for beginners, but have elements of manual control to them, so for those experienced vapors, you’ll learn to control your breath to get yourself denser hits with better draw resistance. You can vape the way you like with no limitations with one of these pieces.

Butane-Powered Vaporizers are great for people on the go and who don’t want to be tied down to a power outlet.