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Conduction Vaporizers

Conduction Vaporizers Australia

Conduction: A very fast, very efficient and surprisingly intricate form of heat. In fact it is one of the two primary forms of heat used in vaporization, the other being Convection. Conduction works by direct contact with the herbs, usually through a heated coil within the chamber. It’s such a fast and efficient method of smoking, if you got your hands on one of these portable dry herb vapes, we’re not sure you’d turn back. Australia is already seeing an influx in more advanced marijuana technology, especially with legalization being a possibility in the near future.
Here at Namaste Vaporizers, our collection and knowledge, but more importantly, our pricing of conduction vaporizers can’t be beaten. Whether or not you’re going to want a conduction model can be found out here as we have everything you need to know to figure out the right choice for you. Are you always busy? Looking for a quick top up on your hit and worried about those around you? Well don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got great, portable Dry Herb vapes on sale now.  With conduction, some very interesting things can be done to the flavour of your herbs. In some higher-end models of conduction vaporizers, you hear about this combination of ceramics in the heating coil which leads into a glass pathway. It’s an amazing flavor combination and is the backbone of some vapes who claim to have flavor as their focus. Recently, other, more unique flavor combinations are being used, one of which being quartz. It’s not that quartz is that much better, but what it is is different as the amount of ceramic models compared to the quartz models is a lot.


Conduction Vaporizers Australia - The Basics

Conduction is by far a lot simpler a concept than convection, but that’s not to say it’s worse. No, really a conduction vaporizer is just easier to make which allows them to be a lot cheaper on the market. They’re also able to be much smaller, which adds to their stealth, making it easier to live with a daily vape and they’re also faster at heating up, meaning when you want a smoke, you can have it in barely a minute. Conduction also make for better models for beginners. The heat settings tend not to be as diverse as with a convection model, but with their quick and consistent heat up, they’re a little more reliable. Convection work off of air, which is good for the taste but takes longer and is more of an effort to come to terms with, so if this is definitely your first time buying a vaporizer, it’s definitely worth getting a conduction based model. Conduction vaporizers have been a time tested method for vaporizing within the past decade of it becoming as popular as it is now. Vaporizing was originally invented to stop the harmful effects of burning herb combustion, something that is still a threat with some vaporizers, but there’s no way that can happen with Conduction Vaporizers.

Conduction Vaporizers Australia - Benefits

Only with conduction can you get a vaping pen. A vape pen is the pinnacle of stealth and convenience. As a style, their portability is some of the best on the vaping market right now and fits into anyone’s lifestyle so easily. There’s no shortage of these amazing little vapes on the market and we’ve also got quite the collection here at Namaste. So no matter how busy your schedule is, we’ve got a little vape for you that can match your life. Conduction models are also the only other form of vaporizer that allows for full manual control over the system. What we mean by this is that the system doesn’t work by inputting settings digitally, but you, using either a heating button or breath control, operate the heating element. Depending how consistently you apply the heat or how long or short your draws are determines the kind of pulls you’re going to get. There are many experienced vapers who love this kind of system because with practice they have full control over the kind of pull their going to get, from their ideal amount of draw resistance, to the heat and the density of the cloud they get.


All vaporizers in general operate on the similar principles. Vaporizers use gentle and persistent heat. This activate organic compounds without causing combustion or releasing harmful contaminants. However, vaporizers might achieve this process in different ways... Let's see how? Conduction Heating Method: Vaporizers use direct contact with a hot element to vaporize your blends. Convection Heating Method : Vaporizers separate the herb chamber from the element or use a fan to push hot air through your herbs. The difference between these two methods might seem insignificant at first, but the way in which your herbs are heated can have a substantial effect on the efficiency of  your vaporizer and the quality of the vapour it produces. Understanding the pros and cons of each method is helpful when it comes to picking the right vaporizer. Difference between Conduction and Convection vaporizers:  It is basically similar to the difference between the heating element in a kettle used to boil water and the hand dryer in a public toilet. The kettle uses a much more direct and aggressive method to boil water. However, a hand dryer uses an element to heat air, which in turn dries your hands. Conduction vaporizers are like the water boiling kettle. Conduction vaporizers depend on direct contact between your herbs and a hot element (usually ceramic or stainless steel) to facilitate the release of active ingredients. This method is very direct in terms of heating your material. It often provides quick and immediate results. Convection vaporizers on the other hand are like the hand dryers as mentioned before. These vaporizers contain a heating element, which is mostly situated below the heat chamber. Therefore, your blend does not make direct contact with the element itself. Instead, a convection vaporizer uses the heated air moving through your herb as you draw to vaporize. A fan built internally actively push air up through the chamber. Most units will inevitably use a combination of both conduction and convection, in other terms regarded as a hybrid technique of heating. On Namaste Vaporizers, all the vapes are classified based on the dominant process involved.


Conduction vaporizer


  • Quick heat-up times and super instant vapour production
  •  Much smaller and lighter in comparison to other vaporizers
  • Easy to use due to simplistic designs
  • Best brands to buy are known very well as conduction vapes have been around for more than a decade in the market
  • Relatively inexpensive when compared to the convection style items


    • More frequent herb stirring required 
    • Can produce hotter/harsher vapour hits
    • Consistent results can be harder to achieve
    • Risk of over-heating


      Convection vaporizer


      • Efficient than conduction style vaporizers
      • Thorough heating of product
      • You never need to shake, stir or re-distribute your herbs or botanicals
      • Consistent results and higher quality vapor
        • Convection vaporisers heat up slightly slower 
        • Relatively Expensive
        • Take more time to produce vapour in comparison to Conduction