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Developed by Karma, DaVinci Vaporizers are among the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market today - whether you are a seasoned professional or a first time buyer. All of their portable vaporizers come with precision temperature control, excellent battery life and fantastic craftsmanship. Check out the best-selling DaVinci IQ and the older version DaVinci Ascent

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DaVinci IQ - Best vape 2017

Launched in December 2016 sold out immediately and has continued to challenge for the number 1 top spot for Vape of the year 2017 and it will be interesting in what is likely to be a 3 horse race between PaxLabs, Firefly and DaVinci.

DaVinci Ascent - still a great Vape and excellent value for money

Chamber Heating Method, the DaVinci Ascent has a ceramic heating chamber and an all glass pathway which allows for truly clean and great tasting vapour of top quality. The cermic chamber uses conduction to heat the material and has an average heat up time of 50 seconds.

Included with the DaVinci Ascent

  • Glass Mouthpiece x 2

  • Internal Glass Stem x 2

  • Glass Oil Jars x 2

  • Stir Stick x 1

  • Replacement Screens x 3

  • Two year limited warranty