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Flowermate Vaporizer Technology is a prestigious vaporizer company responsible for producing one of the most practical, economical and best quality vaporizers on the market. Made in California, USA, the Flowermate family of vaporizers have come to bring the world a vaping experience like no other. With over 10 products to choose from, FlowerMate vaporizers are sure to have the right one to meet all your needs.

They stand out for being a company that offers simple, easy to use, ergonomic and above all, affordable products. Flowermate vaporizers have earned the sympathy of many customers who are continually searching for a vaporizer that can maximize their aromatherapy session to the purest, and Flowermate has one vape for each of your needs. Continuing to improve on dry herb and concentrates vapes over these years, FlowerMate vape has been able to push the technology of portable vaporizers out of the bounds. With groundbreaking designs like the Hybrid-X, the outstanding SWIFT Pro and the classic FlowerMate v5.0s Pro, the FlowerMate vaporizer company continues leading the push for quality, portability and affordability. Having concentrated all these years developing smaller and more efficient portable vaporizers, FlowerMate vapes are looking forward to unceasingly innovate the vaporization technology in the years to come. Every year a different smartphone is launched with new features and incredible technological advances, and so does vaporizers. That's why Flowermate vaporizers decided to launch a new model, super sophisticated and very attractive. Among its newest developments, let us introduce their most advanced vape, with its unique design and incredible performance.

Flowermate SWIFT Pro vaporizer, the last vaporizer you will buy

The Flowermate SWIFT Pro vape is, so far, their best unit, which is generating huge sales and receiving very good ratings. It is a new dry herb vaporizer that is a 100% convection based heating. Finally, there is an option on the market for a fully convection based vaporizer that is also super-portable and discreet at the same time. There are not a lot of vapes which are convection but that are also affordable because this system is really expensive. Convection vaporizers draw the air into the unit, heats itself and then goes through the material extracting the vapor instead of baking it like most conduction based vaporizers do.

This vaporizer comes with a completely new heater design. A huge improvement on its predecessor, the oven on the Flowermate SWIFT Pro vaporizer has a minimal heat up time and can also hold an important amount of material. Another huge feature added to this vaporizer is that it has a fully isolated air path which will allow users to produce some pure and tasty vapor. Vaporizers that do not integrate an all-glass pathway, are open for other materials to be vaporized such as plastic or metal. The SWIFT Pro vaporizer is a powerful portable machine, although it does not look like it because of its small size. The Flowermate SWIFT Pro vaporizer provides the perfect size for those vape enthusiasts who enjoy vaping when are out and about. It is super comfortable in hand and can be slipped inside your pocket at any time. The Flowermate vaporizer also has an exceptional design. It is cover on the outside by a single soft textured outer shell which makes it easier to grip. This outer shell also helps to ensure insulation of the vaporizer so as good clean vapor does not get wasted. 

Join the Flowermate vapes family today and experience the most contemporary vaporizing technology on the market. NamasteVapes is ready to receive your inquiries and orders. Do not hesitate to contact our professional team, who will help you find the vaporizer that best suits your needs.

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