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PAX Vaporizers | NamasteVapes Australia

A Pax vaporizer is the modern vaper’s dream. Their vaporizers are known as the IPhone’s of the industry and for good reason. For the past decade they’ve been dominating the game. Pax vaporizers tick every box a busy person might need to keep up their herbal habits. The size, speed, efficiency and lip-sensing features are all you could possibly want and more. They’ve upped the bar in what a portable vaporizer should be more than once and have reinvented what it means to be unique and intuitive. Take It With You A Pax vaporizer is trademarked by how sleek and elegant their design is. Each one rests comfortably in the palm of your hand and concealing it is no issue. The curved, oval shape of the body allows it to slip effortlessly in any pocket or bag without drawing too much attention. Since their first device, Pax Labs have been leading the market in what exactly a portable, personal vape should accomplish. In Pax Labs’ mind, that means taste, power and convenience.

Get Empowered

The engineers at Pax Labs have managed to fit so much power into such a small, little vape. Take your first draw and brace yourself as you begin breathing some crazy big clouds. The technology here is amazing and goes way beyond just a simple quick vaporizer.

These vapes have both lip-sensing technology as well as heat up times under 15 seconds. The speed and power efficiency from their models stem from the fact that Pax Labs specialize in conduction models, but with a pure and pleasant tasting vapor output, they’ve managed to show what it is conduction models are truly capable of.