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Portable Vaporizers Australia | Namaste Vaporizers

A Portable Vaporizer operating on Battery or Butane are great when you're on the move! Namaste Vaporizers staff is here if you have any questions about these lightweight and convenient vaporizers from some of the best vaporizer manufacturers making world class vaporizers today.

Most Popular Portables Vaporizers 2018 | Namaste Vaporizers

The most popular portable vaporizer in 2018 continues to be the Mighty vape by Storz and Bickel followed by the PAX 2 and PAX 3. The Davinci IQ vaporizer is among the contenders this year but the portable Vaporizer to threaten to take the crown from PAX Labs for volume must be the Black Mamba which possible offers the best value for money for a dry herb vape. Firefly and the Crafty also continue to sell well and the ever popular Vaporizers magic flight and Boundless range continue to do well in Australian Portable vapes.

Butane or  Battery?

Butane or Battery power

On the other hand, battery is best if you like to be outdoors or with friends. With a simple charging port, getting a battery-powered vaporizer ready to go is as easy as charging your phone! A Vaporizer always needs power to run and for powering your vaporizer, you have two main options. Butane is best for people who prefer individual hits rather than serious sessions. Butane is often cheaper and heats up quicker. However, the butane needs replacing from time to time, and can often require more technique to use. This being said, butane is still ideal if you want to unwind with a few hits rather than a whole bowl.

Best Value Portable Vaporizers

Our favourite is the PAX 2 mainly due its size and its price is amazing reductions and it has all the functionality and feel of the latest PAX 3 just that it is for dry herbs only. If you need a versatile vape go for the Grizzly Guru vaporizer, it is a great price and does all oils, concentrates & dry herbs. You can also choose from the ones leading the race in the market currently like Arizer Go 'ArGo', Healthy Rips Fury 2, Crafty vaporizer & Boundless CF For those that want the best Mighty remain the best vaporizer recommended by our customers again in 2018 and remember Namaste vaporizers is always the best place to buy your Mighty.