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About Us

Welcome to NamasteVapes Australia

Fulfill your vaping needs with NamasteVapes. NamasteVapes is the world’s largest international online vaporizer retailer. We have the largest selection of portable and desktop vaporizers for you our customer.

What we’re about:

We are a one stop e-commerce destination for everything vapes. It’s hard to imagine but we started off in a garage shipping products out on the daily but grew exponentially into a global force and leading supplier to the vaping community. Right here you can get the the largest selection of portable and desktop vaporizers from all the top brands, dry herb and concentrates, accessories and grinders. If it’s making waves in the community we are going to stock it.

Our mission

The customer is at the core of what we do. We cater for the wants and match the needs of vapers and herb enthusiasts. Our team is made up of seasoned vape users who research, test and analyse all our products in-house. We strive to take you through your journey with us with ease from; initial order processing, to fulfillment, to customer support and after sales. We want you to make an informed decision through every stage of your interaction with NamasteVapes Australia.

Our Promise

To meet your vaping needs - to get you the best of the best, stock up to the minute products, vetted by us for you and the best aftercare support unrivalled in the community

  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices - NamasteVapes sells aromatherapy vaporizers in over 15 countries across the globe. We know a thing or two about vapes. We will match or beat our competitors’ prices for the same product. We always comes out on top.
  • Amazing Customer Service -Whatever your inquiry is we will listen and offer support and solutions. Our International customer service team provide sales and product support in English, French, Hebrew, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. You are our priority and will always be supported.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery - Shipped globally in 3-5 working days. We maintain a global network of high quality vaporizer retail sites so have implemented a foolproof system that ensures fast turnaround on your order. Once your order is placed - we will send you a confirmation email - then a tracking number will be sent once the order has been shipped. After sales and support is a given via live chat, telephone or email
  • To connect - We are waiting and on standby at all times to engage. We have a loyal customers fan base that reads our blogs, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Our Essence

NamasteVapes operates on trust, unparalleled support, feedback and giving the perfect customer experience. If it’s trending we will have it - you will always be in the know at NamasteVapes Australia. Our commitment to you is to give you options, provide solutions and deliver to you in a timely manner. We are anything but ordinary and you will never be left behind.


Take a look at our most popular vaporizers, read our product reviews, watch some of our videos.

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We stock all the best brands as voted by you the vaper and provide excellence each step of the journey.Needing some add-ons or compatible replacement parts for your vape or grinders for your dry herb click here.

Join the Namaste community today and order with confidence. NamasteVapes Australia - the world’s most trusted Vape store.

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NamasteVapes a collective of vape enthusiasts. We are all about vapes.