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Wan't to buy vaporizer in Australia by unsure of what you can get for you money. With Namaste Vapes you can buy a vaporizer online by price range. We have devised a strong collection of high quality vaporizers by price. So if you shopping on a budget this is where to buy a vaporizer.

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Knowing where to buy a vaporizer is one thing but knowing what vape to buy is another. To help you on your way the team at Namaste Vapes have put together a vote of what their best vaporizer purchase was for each of these price brackets.

We have not included our concentrate vaporizers below but for those who want to buy a vaporizer and love their high end e-cigs and concentrate vapes. The votes ALL went to either the G Pen Vaporizer or the Dr Dabber Ghost. Without a doubt not your everyday e-cig from a e-cig store. If your going to use something a lot you may as well have the best.

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There was a bit of the debate between the organic vaping fanatics who were much more fond of the glass and wooden vaporizer that is the Magic Flight Launch box aka the MLFB. It comes in as a great value vaporizer. It is very unique and for those wanting to not give away what it is. This Vaporizer is so unique you can make it hardly look like one. On the other side of the spectrum where the guys who liked conventional and they had their hearts set on the G Pro Vaporizer by Grenco Science. A great value portable vaporizer that comes with a low price tag. 

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 This was an easy one for them if your in Australia and want a Vaporizer for this price range. For a desktop vaporizer go for the Arizer Extreme Q that takes both balloons and a pipe / tube. If you want a handheld vaporizers or a portable vape go for the G Pen Elite. A brand that seems to do well in the low price range.

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This entered the elite vaporizer ranks on which it was hard to get a clear winner. There is literally to many to mention from the Firefly Vaporizer to the brand new Grizzly Originals Guru that can use Vape pretty much anything from herbs to liquids. In this price range you can be sure you going to get a Vaporizer that will impress.

Vaporizers priced between $250-$350

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Again it go's without saying the Pax 2, Haze Dual V3 pretty much every Storz & Bikel Vape including the volcanoes, mighty and crafty. Every vape in this price range is epic and worth its weight.

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