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PAX 2 Vaporizer

PAX 2 Vaporizer Australia
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$225.95 AUD $489.95
PAX 2 Vaporizer has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 66 reviews.
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Pax 2 Vaporizer | NamasteVapes Australia

The Pax 2 latest edition secures Pax 2's position as a fantastic go-to vape for 2017 as well as 2018. The Pax 2 was expertly designed by Pax Labs. It is perfectly finished in a variety of matte colors and now boasts a significantly reduced price point. Pax 2 Vaporizer has the luxury of having its price reduced by almost 50% of what it originally sold at, giving us the ability to bring incredible savings to you. The Pax 2 Vaporizer is now considered one of the industries best, go-to, dry herb budget vaporizers - Make it yours!

Everything about the Pax 2 is just pure class and convenience compared to their original model. While the Pax 3 is the new and improved version, the Pax 2 vaporizer still has a place in our hearts here at Namaste as one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market at the moment! Sleek and elegant while being incredibly efficient use after use, the Pax 2 vaporizer is a reliable piece of kit that you can count on for a fraction of the price! The Pax 2's sleek and subtle design combined with 2 hour battery life and it's deeper stainless steel chamber ensure that the Pax 2 is a worthy successor to the original.

Pax 2 Vaporizer Discreet and Sleek

Technical Information

Vaporizes Dried herbs
Storage capacity 0.35 grams
Pre-configured temperature levels 4 initial levels (from 180ºC to 215ºC)
Initial warm-up time 45 seconds
Heating system Conduction
Heating chamber material Stainless steel
External coating material Brushed steel
Battery capacity Approximately 1 to 2 hours
Charging time Full charge in 90 minutes
Compatibility with chargers Magnetic USB connector
Compatibility with smartphone applications No
Other functions Motion sensor and self-cooling technology
Approximate dimensions (W x H x D) 9.8 cm x 3.1 cm x 2.2cm
Approximate weight 90 grams
Warranty 2 year warranty with PAX

Heating and Temperature

The PAX 2 vape has four pre-set temperature settings which ranges from 180 to 215 Celsius. The indicator light starts purple once heating commences, and LED will turn green when ready, with the whole process taking well under a minute to be ready to go. The Pax 2 Vape was built with a dynamic temperature system that is highly efficient and provides perfect vaping temperatures. The Pax 2 heating system is focused on ensuring that the draw is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The new heating technology systems also provide a more efficient vaping experience which means you get more bang for your buck on herb. Also, a pro tip here is if you pick up the half-pack lid accessory then you can ensure even greater efficiency from your vaping experience!

Pax 2 Temperatures

Design and Features

Pax 2 Vaporizer Design

The Pax 2 vaporizer is a small, portable vaporizer available in a variety of striking colours and a matte finish for maximum impact. Weighing in at a mere 90.2g, the Pax 2 Vape is an extremely lightweight portable dry herb vaporizer. Ultra-portability! It's sleek and subtle, yet dependable. Filling is quick and easy using a magnetic-snapping lid and the vape's chamber works fantastically on all levels of herbal grind.

The chamber utilizes surgical stainless steel for a quick, clean heat and the outside of the body is of a brushed metal that not only looks good but makes for some interesting texture when held. The power button is well embedded into the device so is to not stand out, letting the design speak for itself. The mouthpiece allows for a clear air flow which in turn helps lower the amount of draw resistance you'll get as your vaping. All of this power in one, beautifully aesthetic and textured body, all while being 25% smaller and 10% lighter than the original.

Pax 2 Vaporizer Features

PAX has managed to add in a whole range of helpful extras that really can enhance your vaping experience. Firstly, we have the lip-sensing technology in the mouthpiece which allows the face to pick up your draws and assist with air flow. After that you have the motion-sensing and auto-cooling technologies.

Everything about the Pax 2 is just pure class and convenience compared to their original model. Together with the more efficient battery and intelligent heating and cooling systems used to optimize usage its design is an elegant anodized aluminum surface and integrated LED indicator lights. While the PAX 3 is the new and improved version, the PAX 2 vaporizer still has a place in our hearts here at Namaste as one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market at the moment! Sleek and elegant while being incredibly efficient use after use, the PAX 2 vaporizer is a reliable piece of kit that you can count on for a fraction of the price!

Why Pax 2?

Why Pax 2?

This might be a question you’re asking yourself. And why not? The Pax 3 has already taken the market by storm so why should you spend money on the previous model. The answer to that is very simple. Affordability. The Pax 2 Vape, in the months since the Pax 3’s release, has been given massive and significant price drops that has allowed it to be incredibly accessible to the average customer. If you want something that will last for years, treat your herbs well, this is definitely the model for you. You’ll seriously struggle to find better quality at this affordable price.

Easy and similar to the original Pax, to fill you remove the magnetic oven lid and fill the chamber with your ground aromatherapy materials (we recommend a fine grind for the PAX and PAX 2). Replace the oven lid and power up the PAX 2. Hold the top button down to change the temperature settings to suit. The indicator light starts purple once heating begins, and LED will turn green when ready. With motion sensing, the PAX 2 and will know when not being used and put your device in standby mode, conserving battery life and dry herbs in the chamber. PAX 2 vaporizer is fully charged within 2-3 hours using a USB or AC wall adapter and includes a charging dock. Perfect for people on the go or traveling around, it is discrete and will last your whole day! Simply pop it in in the morning before you head out and you'll be ready for the day ahead of you.

How to use the PAX 2 Vaporizer

To kick start your vaping experience the right way we recommend that you finely grind your herbs before packing it into your PAX 2 to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Once you are satisfied with the consistency of your herb, flip your PAX 2 upside down and take off the bottom lid to expose the heating chamber.

We recommend that you pack the bowl as tightly as possible regardless the size of the load for best results. Replace the lid and flip your PAX 2 back the right way around.

The power button is located on the top of the device and when activated, the PAX 2 will launch its temperature profiles.

Once you have decided on a temperature setting the PAX 2 will begin to heat up, once ready simply sit back relax and enjoy a wonderful session with one of the biggest names in the vaping community!

What's included in the Box?

  • 1 x Pax 2 Vaporizer
  • 2 x Interchangeable Mouthpieces (1 Flat & 1 Raised)
  • 1 x Magnetic USB Charger
  • 1 x Magnetic Oven Lid
  • 1 x Wire Brush
  • 10 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 2-Year Warranty Protection